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Jumbo Seafood

Jumbo Seafood is a restaurant-chain in Singapore specialising in seafood. First opened in 1987 with an outlet at the East Coast Seafood Centre, it opened an additional five both in the city and in the suburban areas of Serangoon Gardens and the Singapore Indoor Stadium, with its newest outlet opening in SAFRA's National Service Resort and Country Club at Changi Coast Walk.

The restaurant chain actively promotes dishes like the chilli crab, sotong you tiao, crispy baby squid and sambal kangkong as Singaporean dishes, and works with the Singapore Tourism Board to promote the chilli crab as a significant local dish.

Jumbo Kingdom

Jumbo Kingdom consists of the Jumbo Floating Restaurant and the Tai Pak Floating Restaurant , renowned tourist attractions in Hong Kong's Aberdeen Harbour. Over 30 million visitors have visited Jumbo Kingdom, including , John Wayne, Tom Cruise, Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li. There is also a Jumbo Kingdom Manila in Manila Bay, Philippines. Jumbo Kingdom is part of Melco International Development Limited , a company listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


The Jumbo Kingdom was established in October 1976 by Dr. Stanley Ho after four years and over 30 million were spent to design and build it.

In 2000, two tugboats brought one of the floating barges from the Aberdeen Harbour to the mouth of the Manila Bay, and was rebranded as the "Jumbo Kingdom Manila". Much of the original ancient Chinese imperial palace style renovation has been retained.

The Jumbo Kingdom recently went through a major multi-million dollar renovation, which transformed it into a theme park on the sea including dining, shopping, sightseeing and cultural attractions.

Jumbo Kingdom Hong Kong’s Attractions

* Topdeck: A restaurant and bar located on the topdeck of Jumbo which serves western cuisine. Topdeck is managed by Cafe Deco Group.

* Dragon Court: Dragon Court is a fine dining Chinese restaurant which serves authentic and innovative Cantonese cuisine located on the first deck of Jumbo. The interior design of the restaurant is a mixture of Ming Dynasty and contemporary Chinese.

* Cooking Academy: A Chinese culinary school taught by the chefs of Jumbo Kingdom.

* Sampan Dining: Visitors can experience the nostalgic Hong Kong dining experience from a bygone era, the seafood meal on a sampan.

* The Chinese Tea Garden

* Pier Plaza

* Bronzeware Exhibition

* Wine Garden


Jimmy Chung's (restaurant)

Jimmy Chung's is a restaurant chain in Scotland, which began in Aberdeen. A buffet, the restaurant operates an all-you-can-eat menu featuring starters, main courses and desserts.

The restaurant refused service to a disabled and mute five-year-old child in 2003 when they went to the Aberdeen restaurant for a celebration dinner. The family had reserved the table for a special occasion, but when they arrived, the family claimed that they were brusquely told that there was no room in the restaurant for the child's wheelchair.

According to statements given by the founder of the restaurant and available security footage, multiple franchises of the chain were targeted by protection gangs.

In 2005, the chain suffered a loss of business when they opened in October due to a series of internet postings making the allegation that the chain was cooking seagulls instead of chicken. Inspections of the restaurant's facilities prior to the allegations on internet forums found that each restaurant was in compliance with all relevant food and safety regulations.


Hakkasan is a leading high-class restaurant in the of London, England, at Hanway Place. The restaurant was created by Alan Yau, also behind the Wagamama restaurant chain and the newer Yauatcha restaurant, also in London. The multi-million interior was designed by the French designer Christian Liaigre who has fused distinctly modern aesthetic with traditional Chinese motifs.

The restaurant gained a Michelin star rating in 2003.

The British magazine released its sixth annual global ranking of the in April 2008. Hakkasan was rated 19th in the list, with a total of five London restaurants listed.

In January 2008 Alan Yau sold a majority share in Hakkasan and has opened a new restaurant, this time Japanese; Sake No Hana, located in St James', London.

Previous Chinese London restaurants awarded a Michelin star have been Lee Ho Fook in Soho , Poons of Covent Garden , Tiger Lee in Earls Court , and The Oriental at the Dorchester .

Formosa Cafe

The Formosa Cafe is a restaurant and bar at 7156 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, California that has a long history of patronage from movie stars and movie industry people. The restaurant used to be a trolley car. Just east of The Lot Studios , generations of movie stars such as Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable have eaten meals at the Cafe since it was opened in 1934. It is located on Santa Monica Boulevard, , in Los Angeles, just over the border from . Legend has it that Frank Sinatra spent many nights at the Formosa in the 1950s, pining over Ava Gardner.

The bar has been operated by the same family since its opening in the 30s. It is currently owned by the grandson of the original owner.

In the 1990s it was threatened with demolition or removal when its lease expired. Due to concerted citizen and preservationist efforts the restaurant was preserved in its present location as a landmark. Celebrity sightings are still common.

The interior and exterior of the Formosa Cafe can be seen in the movie ''''. Other movies shot here include The Majestic and Still Breathing .

It has been described as an "unimpressive, brick-red building with white & black striped awnings, it sits in a particularly faded section of Hollywood, near the corner of Santa Monica & La Brea Boulevards - a corner where hookers have been known to peddle their services even in broad daylight." This is no longer true since the City of West Hollywood has cleaned up this area and the new West Hollywood Gateway shopping complex has been built in the same block.

Notable Patrons

The following are notable patrons to the Formosa Cafe:

Flower Drum

The Flower Drum is a notable multi-award winning Chinese cuisine restaurant in Melbourne, Australia.

It has reached the Restaurant Top 50 several times, ranking it as one of the world's finest restaurants. The Flower Drum is widely regarded as a Melbourne institution.

It is frequently booked months in advance.

It is located just off in Market Lane in the precinct of the Melbourne CBD.

It is owned by Eric Lau.

Fairwood (restaurant)

Fairwood is a fast food chain offering Chinese and Western food at affordable prices. Founded in December 1972 in the Tsuen Wan district of Hong Kong, its current headquarters are located in North Point. Since that time, the company has grown to 88 restaurants all over Hong Kong and 11 locations in Mainland China including major cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing. Behind Café de Coral, Fairwood is the second largest fast food chain in Hong Kong and serves over 100,000 customers each day.

Other Changes

In addition to a visual redesign, Fairwood reformulated and improved its signature dishes and released them under the "Ah Wood" brand. These dishes included such favorites as curry beef brisket and baked pork chop over rice. Fairwood also banned smoking in all of its restaurants, a first for any fast food chain in Hong Kong at the time. It wouldn't be until January 1, 2007 for Hong Kong to institute a public smoking ban.

However, ever since Fairwood was 'rebranded', some people have complained of unpleasant odours coming out the entrances.


On March 2007, Fairwood announced its plans to increase its restaurant count to 100 in Hong Kong and to 30 in Mainland China by 2010. This expansion will be accompanied by a marketing campaign featuring celebrities in order to attract a more youthful crowd. In addition, Fairwood will expand its menu in its Mainland outlets to better cater to local tastes.

In 2008, Fairwood opened its first Beijing franchise restaurant at Joy City(西单悦城)located in Xidan.